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Indonesian fascist former head of intelligence Hendropriyono suggested ethnically cleansing West Papuan's 2021

West Papua News - January 7, 2021

Yesterday in an interview, General Hendropriyono, a retired Kopassus general and former head of the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency declares his proposal to forcibly remove 2 million Papuans from their homeland and replace them with Indonesians.

Hendropriyono proposed that the division of the West Papua region, which had been planned for a long time, be carried out immediately. He states "This is a way to separate them from the race of the people of Papua New Guinea and the rest of the Pacific region"

Ever since Indonesia illegally invaded and took control over West Papua in the early 1960s they have embarked on large-scale ethnic cleansing of West Papuans. The proof is in the many government endorsed schemes:

  • Years of forced government sponsored transmigration programs displacing Papuans leaving them marginalised and excluded from the labour market.
  • Cultural imperialism through Indonesianization in all government, cultural and educational institutions.
  • Systematic genocide of indigenous Papuans by Indonesian military forces resulting in the killing of over half a million Papuan men, women and children.

In 2006, Juan Mendez, UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, described West Papua as being among those countries whose populations were 'at risk of extinction'.

In 1986 the minister of Transmigration stated "With transmigration we are implementing what we have promised: to gather and to unite all ethnic groups into a single people, the people of Indonesia. The different ethnicities will disappear and at the end there will be only one people."

It is clear that Indonesia's agenda is to exterminate the Indigenous Melanesian people of West Papuan from the face of the earth along with their culture and identity.

And the sad thing is the rest of the world will never know because International media is banned and restricted from entering.

Well the truth is out today. You've heard it directly from the mouth of an Indonesian official the sinister plans to remove Papuans like cattle from one place to another.

Source: https://westpapuanews.org/indonesian-fascist-former-head-of-intelligence-kontol-hendropriyono-suggested-ethnically-cleansing-west-papuans-202