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Central Java police officer dismissed for sexual orientation files second lawsuit

Jakarta Post - October 29, 2020

Jakarta – A Semarang Police brigadier in Central Java is filing another lawsuit against the force's decision to dishonorably discharge him because of his sexual disorientation.

This was the second time the officer in question, identified as TT, has filed a lawsuit against the Semarang Police. He and his lawyers filed a lawsuit to the Semarang State Administrative Court (PTUN Semarang) in March last year to challenge the "unprocedural termination" against him. The second lawsuit was filed on Aug. 31.

"We are filing another lawsuit as the last hearing [on May 23, 2019] did not focus on the core of the case," Legal Aid Institute for Society (LBHM) lawyer Aisyah Humaida said on Wednesday as quoted by kompas.com.

TT was reportedly ambushed by his fellow officers on Feb. 14, 2017, when he went on a Valentine's Day date with his partner in Kudus, Central Java.

In December 2018, the Central Java Police issued an official letter of termination for TT. The letter said TT was "dishonorably discharged" because he had violated a National Police chief regulation on the profession's code of ethics.

According to the letter, TT had violated articles 7 and 11 of the regulation. The two articles state that police officers must protect "the image and reputation of the police and also obey the values of morality, religion, law, politeness and local wisdom". TT had served as a police officer for 10 years.

Aisyah said TT had been initially investigated for alleged blackmail, of which he was found innocent. The brigadier was investigated again on ethical violation grounds pertaining to his sexual orientation.

"The fact that TT has never committed an ethics violation or obstructed justice should have been considered before [the police] dismissed him from the force," she added.

TT and his lawyers requested the court to cancel his dismissal, claiming it violated the law. "We are still waiting for confirmation from the court to continue to trial," Aisyah said. (dpk)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/10/29/central-java-police-officer-dismissed-for-sexual-orientation-files-second-lawsuit.htm