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Surabaya woman who threw feces at healthcare worker faces prison time

Coconuts Jakarta - October 15, 2020

A woman who flushed away her good sense by hurling feces at a healthcare worker has received criminal charges for her action, weeks after the incident.

Authorities in the East Java capital of Surabaya said that on Sept. 29, the woman threw excrement at a healthcare worker – who was, thankfully, covered from head to toe with PPE – as she refused to let her COVID-19-positive husband from getting picked up by health authorities.

The 50-year-old was not immediately charged then, but the Surabaya Police announced today that she is now a criminal suspect after the healthcare worker who became victim of her poo-flinging tirade pressed charges against her.

"She is now a suspect, she was charged with violations of Article 212 of the KUHP (Criminal Code), which carries a maximum sentence one year and four months in prison, and Article 14 Verse 1 of Law no. 4/1984 [on outbreak mitigation], which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison," Surabaya Police Crime Investigation Unit Head Sudamiran said today.

Article 212 of the KUHP protects officials from acts of abuse as they carry out their mandates, while Article 14 of the law on outbreak mitigation criminalizes those who prevent mitigation efforts.

While it was not initially clear what the origin of the feces was, police have confirmed that it was human waste. What's still hasn't been revealed is whose waste it was, but we think we're okay with not knowing.

The woman and her family were also previously tested for COVID-19, but none have reportedly tested positive.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/surabaya-woman-who-threw-feces-at-healthcare-worker-faces-prison-time