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Anti-Omnibus law protests: Former president SBY address accusations against him

Tempo - October 13, 2020

Ahmad Faiz, Jakarta – Democrat Party Chairman and former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) in Monday's virtual talk show uploaded in his Youtube channel addressed the rising notion that the current government seemingly uses opposition parties as "scapegoats" amidst hard times.

SBY claims that during his two administrations as president he had never accused opposition figures to be behind major nationwide protests. He also maintained that a leader such as the president must be open to criticism and be prepared to face public slanders and continue to conduct their job in hand.

"It's better to not be prejudiced. Back in the days I respected everybody such as with the PDIP which opposed my administration. I kept a good relationship with the PDIP leaders at the time," said SBY on October 12. "I was never the one to easily accuse the opposition [for mobilizing protests], you could be wrong."

The sixth Indonesian president said he does not have any answer on why the current government is seemingly accusing the opposition as the "masterminds" behind anti-government protests but offered advice for people in power to continue to respect their predecessors and curb any signs of prejudice.

SBY also firmly denies emerging rumors accusing him of being the person who mobilized the widespread anti-omnibus law protests.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1395430/anti-omnibus-law-protests-former-president-sby-address-accusations-against-him