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19th Anniversary, Jubi in the perspective of researcher and regional police

Tabloid JUBI - September 6, 2020

Semarang, Jubi – Adriana Elizabeth, a senior researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the Coordinator for the Papua Peace Network in Jakarta, said Jubi always be the first in reporting the updated situation of Papua. Further, she said that she has been familiar with Jubi and followed the news on Jubi since 2004 when doing her research in Manokwari.

"Jubi becomes something that I must read because it presents updated information before the other parties find out," said Adriana when talking in an online discussion on Wednesday (2/9/2020) to commemorate the 19th Jubi's anniversary.

She also mentioned that the Papua Peace Network (JDP) had collaborated with Jubi for many times on several occasions, including hosting discussions on various issues of Papua. Furthermore, Adriana said Jubi has become a critical information centre that needs to take notice.

According to her, information is becoming an essential commodity. However, following a recent trend, many people are currently providing information or talking about Papua, but without sufficient understanding of the issues happening in Papua. "Those impromptu observers are putting everything on risk (of misunderstanding)," said Adriana.

She said Jubi's reporting is qualified because it emphasises the substance. "So far, I have not found hoaxes published on Jubi. If its news is not perfect, then it could later be clarified. It's a process," she explained.

Moreover, she hopes that Jubi can play a critical role to cover dynamics in Papua as well as to bridge the gap of understanding on Papuan issues before the Indonesian public. Also, she expects Jubi to add more content on education and health in Papua because she thought these two issues require in-depth coverage to uncover the roots of problems facing Papuans.

"Regarding health issues in Asmat, for instance, it found out that the problem is not on health workers, but it more relates to the change of lifestyle and people's mindset. This sort of story, I think, needs to be covered. Therefore, Jubi would not always write about conflict as people's basic needs also need to respond," said Adriana.

Moreover, she hopes Jubi can make in-depth features about natural resources in Papua. There is a considerable question around this issue to debate whether natural resources are a gift or curse for indigenous Papuans. "This issue needs to be raised, especially regarding the customary people living in the natural resources area to clarify the public understanding," she said.

In the meantime, the Public Affairs Chief of Papua Regional Police Senior Commissionaire Ahmad Mustofa Kamal said Jubi is one of the media to report police activities in Papua. "It covers the news on police activities and other information happening in Papua. Sometimes, the information that we have not known yet already published on Jubi," said Kamal.

He took an example of an incident that happened in a region where the Sectoral Police do not exist. Jubi got the information about it before the police. "We were surprised to answer the question from other journalists asking for confirmation after they read the news published on Jubi," added Kamal.

However, he also criticised Jubi for sometimes publishing news without prior confirmation (from the police). "We hope journalists can also confirm the information they found on the ground," said Kamal.

In general, he thought that during its 19 years of journey, Jubi has contributed to the effort of developing transparent information for the public because people have rights to know what and how the incidents happened. "Therefore, from time to time, people would be knowledgeable and aware of the better land of Papua," he said. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.co.id/19th-anniversary-jubi-in-the-perspective-of-researcher-and-regional-police