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Djoko Tjandra admits to bribing two police generals

Jakarta Post - August 25, 2020

Jakarta – Graft convict Djoko Soegiarto Tjandra has admitted to giving money to Brig. Gen. Prasetyo Utomo and Insp. Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte for allowing him to travel to and within the country when he was a fugitive, the National Police have said.

National Police spokesman Brig. Gen. Awi Setiyono said Djoko made the confession during an interrogation on Monday.

"[Djoko] has admitted giving a certain amount of money to the suspects," Awi said on Monday as quoted by tempo.co. Awi, however, refused to disclose any other details as the investigation is ongoing.

"[We] examined when, where and to whom this money had been given. We cannot convey all investigation results, especially regarding the amount, because the [investigation] is still underway," Awi said.

Earlier this month, the National Police named both Prasetyo and Napoleon suspects for allegedly accepting bribes in return for assisting Djoko.

Napoleon was previously removed from his post as the National Police's head of international relations for his alleged involvement in removing Djoko's red notice status, allowing the graft convict to freely enter the country despite being on the most-wanted list since 2009.

National Police chief Gen. Idham Azis had also removed Brig. Gen. Nugroho Wibowo from his position as the National Central Bureau (NCB) – Interpol Indonesia secretary in relation to the red notice status removal for Djoko Tjandra. Nugroho, however, has not been named a suspect in the case.

Meanwhile, Prasetyo, who had served as head of the Civil Servant Investigator Supervisory and Coordination Bureau, was accused of issuing a letter that allowed Djoko to travel within the country while he was still on the run.

After being at large for 11 years, Djoko – a graft convict of the high-profile Bank Bali corruption case in 1998 – was arrested in Malaysia on July 30. He fled the country after being sentenced to two years' imprisonment in 2009 and was ordered to return Rp 546 billion (US$54 million) to the state by the Supreme Court.

Previously, Djoko's lawyer Anita Kolopaking and a prosecutor, Pinangki Sirna Malasari, were named suspects for their alleged involvement in helping Djoko while he was on the run. (syk)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/08/25/djoko-tjandra-admits-to-bribing-two-police-generals.html