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Media's news perspective on Papua still deemed racist by activist

Tempo - June 12, 2020

Andita Rahma, Jakarta – A Journalist's Union for Diversity (SEJUK) activist, Tantowi Anwari, on Thursday said Indonesian mass media in general still show a perspective that is considered racist in reporting news about Papua.

"The non-discriminatory perspective is not gained by the journalist because maybe there are elements related to factual reports added to the journalist's status as a fresh graduate and maybe the lack of understanding, there are many of those," said Tantowi in an online discussion on Thursday, June 11.

Moreover, he argues that many of the journalists do not implement the code of ethics in writing a news report. The code of ethics' Article 8 blatantly mentions that a journalist must not act upon racist reasons.

Tantowi also argues that not many mainstream media reports issues in Papua. Even if there are reports about the most Eastern part of Indonesia, they would generally only report on major issues happening there.

"Take examples of cases regarding treason, violence. But have they (the media) accommodated the voices from Papua and those who are victimized?" Tantowi said.

The SEJUK activist opines that news about Papua would generally be provided by government institutions such as the National Police (Polri) or Armed Forces (TNI). Even though information gained by these news sources can be validated, Tantowi regrets that most journalists would only report on Papua from the government's perspective.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1352663/medias-news-perspective-on-papua-still-deemed-racist-by-activist