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Your mate for the climate: West Java governor proposes divorcing couples must plant 100 trees

Coconuts Jakarta - December 11, 2019

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil has a proposal that he believes should help tackle both the issues of climate change and people getting divorced in the province.

The leader of Indonesia's most populous province said that his administration has set a target for 25 million trees to be planted in 2020 as one of its eco-sustainability policies, calling on the public to donate their time and money to help achieve this goal.

But aside from counting on people's environmental conscientiousness to plant millions of trees, Kamil says he's also thinking of making it mandatory for certain groups of people.

"Next month, we will issue a circular. If people want to get married, they must donate 10 trees at the Religious Affairs Office (KUA). If they want to get divorced, they must donate 100 trees – we'll make it difficult for people to divorce," he said, as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

While such a policy might result in the planting of many trees, Kamil has been criticized online for looking at divorce from such a simplistic standpoint.

I'm one of your constituent, Kang @ridwankamil, I divorced my abusive ex husband in Bogor a long time ago, I spent millions on lawyers fees, spent countless hours of my precious time going through the process.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/your-mate-for-the-climate-west-java-governor-proposes-divorcing-couples-must-plant-100-trees