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Police arrest people linked to West Papua resistance celebration

Tempo - November 27, 2019

Hans Arnold Kapisa, Jakarta – A joint police team in Manokwari, West Papua, reportedly arrested eight locals who are believed to be involved in the preparation of an illegal commemoration of the region's resistance movement. Police personnel also confiscated 29 morning star (Bintang Kejora) flags in the raid.

West Papua Police Chief Brigadier General Herry Rudolf Nahak confirmed that the arrest was done early-morning by the police precinct's patrol.

"According to the initial investigation, the eight people claim they were given the flyers calling for participation in the upcoming commemoration planned to be held at the Borasi Manokwari field on November 27," said Herry.

Following the arrests, Herry said the incident will be thoroughly investigated. Especially on how innocent residents of the West Papua mountains were used by the resistance movement group.

"On average, those we apprehended were not aware of the legal consequences of their actions," said Herry who is referring to call to participate in the 22nd commemoration of West Papua New Guinea Republic's independence.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1277274/police-arrest-people-linked-to-west-papua-resistance-celebration