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With crowbar in hand, Sulawesi man clears road through jungle to connect remote hamlet

Jakarta Post - November 12, 2019

Jakarta – A man named Samsul of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, has completed a decades-long venture to open a road for his fellow villagers through a wild jungle.

"I cleared the road using a crowbar, with a mission to help the people by opening a road so they can cross the forest without having to make a long detour," said the resident of Benteng Sengga hamlet in Kindang district, on Saturday as quoted by kompas.com.

South Sulawesi Deputy Governor Andi Sudirman Sulaiman expressed appreciation for Samsul's hard work.

"With faith the road could be built, he was determined to complete the difficult task," Andi said. Andi said the South Sulawesi administration had promised to help improve the road.

The road connects the hamlet with villages on the other side of the forest. According to local authorities, around 100 people live in the remote hamlet.

For his service, Samsul and his helpers were given a reward. The administration also gave the hamlet funds to build a bridge. (gis)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/11/12/with-crowbar-in-hand-sulawesi-man-clears-road-through-jungle-to-connect-remote-hamlet.html