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House agrees to raise minimum marriage age to 19

Jakarta Post - September 13, 2019

Jakarta – The House of Representatives has finally agreed to raise the minimum age for marriage for females from 16 years old to 19.

During a working meeting to discuss the revision of Law No. 1/1974 on marriage, the House's working committee on the minimum marriage age bill deliberation originally proposed to increase the legal age for marriage to 18 years old.

However, after a meeting with Women's Empowerment and Child's Protection Minister Yohana Yembise, the working committee agreed to increase the minimum age for marriage to 19 years old for both men and women. Only the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the United Development Party (PPP) stuck to 18 years old.

The leader of the working committee, Sudiro Asno, said the committee would continue the discussion to pass the bill into law.

"The committee proposes to move the discussion to a vote so the bill can be passed into law in the next agenda," Sudiro said at the end of the meeting as quoted by kompas.id. (dpk)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/09/13/house-agrees-to-raise-minimum-marriage-age-to-19.html