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PA 212 talks of Sharia State of Indonesia favored in Ijtima Ulama

Tempo - August 7, 2019

Friski Riana, Jakarta – A representative of the 212 brotherhood organization (PA 212) Novel Bamukmin explained the results of the fourth ulema consensus or the Ijtima Ulama IV that recommended the Unitary States of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) as a sharia country based on Pancasila, the state's ideology.

According to Novel, the sharia state is referred to the Presidential Decree of July 5, 1959, ratified by President Soekarno.

"That the first principle 'Belief in the One and Only God' is inspired by Jakarta Charter. This means, it has taken effect and truly relevant, and has been running 75 percent," said Novel to Tempo, Tuesday, August 6.

According to Novel, the concept of sharia country based on Pancasila has already been applied up to 75 percent as the country protected Muslims to establish their religious obligation such as prayers, zakat, hajj, and others.

"The government even forms a special agency to oversee national zakat and hajj," he added. In addition, the sharia economy has also been running, in the form of sharia banking, sharia pawnshops, and sharia leasing.

Therefore, the ulema agreed to develop a sharia state based on Pancasila as a solution for Indonesia to be a blessed, developed, and prosperous country. "So that it can be a sovereign country," Novel said.

In response to the sharia state highlighted by Ijtima Ulama IV, the acting head of Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) Hariyono asserted that it must be under the values of Pancasila.

"Yes, we must return to the concept of Pancasila according to the nation's founders that it is the state's principles based on inclusiveness so Indonesia is not a religious state," he underlined.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1233034/pa-212-talks-of-sharia-state-of-indonesia-favored-in-ijtima-ulama