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Cuba and East Timor share martial arts exhibition

Cuban News Agency - February 4, 2019

Havana, Cuba – Loro Horta, Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of East Timor to Cuba, participated in this capital in a martial arts exhibition, which aimed to further strengthen relations of friendship and solidarity between the peoples of both countries.

Promoting martial arts in the community was also a purpose of the meeting, which was held at the Centro Deportivo Pablo de la Torriente Brau, with the presence of members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Cuba.

Loro Horta referred to the attendees the importance of martial arts to achieve a healthier way of life and to be better human beings since this practice provides the means for the fullest achievement of honesty, discipline and mutual respect.

Seeking a straight and honest social life is proposed martial arts said the ambassador, who offered a brief demonstration of the skills acquired in Cuba in the practice of Hapkido, one of those shown by children and adults, in addition to Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Karate, Nitjitsu and other so-called combat sports.

Before the beginning of the exhibition, diplomas of recognition were given to the East Timorese diplomat for his active will in the practice and diffusion of Hapkido, and Yaumara Casanova, director of the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Sports Center, emphasized the importance of martial arts to maintain a correct physical and spiritual health.

Also present were members of the community, Masters of martial arts that are practiced in the installation, such as Taekwondo, Hapkido, Capoiera, Karate and Kendo, which performed with skill and technical cleanliness gave a great lucidity to the show.

The martial arts are an exercise for body, mind and spirit and, according to specialists, Hapkido is the art of Korean self-defense par excellence, which, spread in recent years all over the world, leads to a healthy and calm activity.

Loro Horta recently told ACN that Cuban aid has contributed to making East Timor a territory that advances in the development of medicine after years of enormous difficulties and sacrifices for the sake of its true independence with a view to achieving the happiness of the Timorese.

Last year Cuban and Timorese doctors held a workshop where they presented papers on cooperation in this area, and which show the development of health in the area with about a thousand doctors trained in Cuba so far, which continues with a group of young people studying medicine on the island.

Source: http://www.cubanews.acn.cu/sports/8990-cuba-and-east-timor-share-martial-arts-exhibition