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Patients' family thanks the Chinese soldiers

Dili Weekly - February 15, 2018

Paulina Quintao – The family and patients gave thanks to the Chinese soldiers for providing aid in Timor-Leste, through delivering free health assistance to the communities.

One patient's family, Francisco da Cruz considered this to be a good opportunity for his family who are sick, and needed to have a complete check with the equipment available on the ship, compared to the National Hospital.

He said the Doctor at the National Hospital provided a referral letter for his wife to undertake a check up at the Hospital Ark Peace ship, in particular, to make a diagnosis because she suffered from heart disease and has the problems with her the back of her head.

He said his wife has managed to do several tests, such as blood tests, X-ray and taking medicine.

"They are strangers, with a big-heart and patient when providing treatment to our people. I observed many patients during the days and how patient they were with people who attended," he said, after having to bring patients for a check up on the ship in the Dili port.

He asked the health professionals across the country to see how the professional ethics of treatment is carried out, and in particular, how to help and provide information to patientsin order for them to access good and quick treatment.

He added that the doctors also write the prescription in English so the patients can buy more medicine in the clinics when they finish.

Meanwhile, one patient, a nun Felisidade de Jesus said she appreciated and thanked the Timor-Leste's government and the Chinese government for providing medical assistance to the Timorese people.

"The doctors are big-hearted to give us this treatment, we are so happy and pray to God to bless them and to continue to help us," she said.

She asked the government to continue to facilitate the humanitarian services across the country and to give an opportunity for all communities to have access to the health treatment.

She added, the challenge faced, is the language although some Timorese people who had completed studies in China, voluntarily helped in translating during medical consultation.

On the other hand, the Dean of The Sea Hospital Ark Peace, Sun Tao, acknowledged that the language was an obstacle for them to explain to the patients about their illness, however they had volunteer translators.

"The problem is the language, we needed 20 translators to work with us to translate," he said.

Source: http://www.thediliweekly.com/en/news/security-defencejustice/15208-patients-family-thanks-the-chinese-soldiers