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Wiranto, Xanana Gusmao meet to discuss border

CNN Indonesia - August 22, 2016

Abi Sarwanto, Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Wiranto met with the Minister of Planning, Development and Investment of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao on Sunday (21/8) night.

Wiranto said in a closed meeting that lasted for more than two hours that they discussed many things, one of which is the border between Indonesia and Timor Leste.

"We discuss important issues between the two countries. one of them was yes border between Indonesia and Timor Leste," said Wiranto after the meeting in Menteng, Jakarta.

He said, the government hoped to resolve the issue in a short time. This settlement, he said, will be gradual. "Whereas with Indonesia had been there an in-depth understanding to solve it in a short time," said Wiranto.

Meanwhile, Xanana express his meeting with Wiranto not only talk about the boundary between the two countries, but a political problem and economy also discussed.

However, the former Prime Minister of East Timor was evasive when asked at the meeting to ask for support to Indonesia on conflicts sea border between East Timor and Australia.

It is known in advance, Timor Leste will discuss the maritime boundary with Australia next week in the Hague, Netherlands. "Australia did not care, we were forced a little, we will negotiate there. not (for support) with Indonesia yes. Australia other issues," Gusmao said.

The meeting was also attended by former Justice Minister in the Soeharto era, Muladi. Xanana call this meeting historical value because it brings old friends.

The issue of the border dispute, still haunt at least two regions between Indonesia and Timor Leste. Dispute first two points of land border between Indonesia and Timor Leste or disputed areas Un Resolved Segment, Noelbesi-Citrana and segment Bijael Sunan-Oben bordering the North Central Timor, East Nusa Tenggara.

In addition, there is also a land dispute in the area of Naktuka, District Amfoang East, Kupang between the people of Indonesia and Timor Leste.

Not only Naktuka, status of land conflict between the two countries are also potentially occur in a number of outer islands of Indonesia around Kupang, among others Batek Island, Island Salura, Dana Island Sabu and island Mengudu.

Before this, Indonesia and East Timor have actually agreed on granting the status of free zones on Naktuka. That is, the two countries should not undertake any activity at that location.

Commander Lantamal VII Kupang, Brigadier General Siswoyo Hari Santoso, said the agency is currently record the small islands bordering Timor Leste. He said the move was the start to the naming of the island. "By giving a name, of course it will help us to stay can claim our islands," he said.

On the other hand, on a state visit to East Timor last January, President Joko Widodo claims to have discussed the issue of the border with the President and Prime Minister of East Timor, namely Taur Matan Ruak and Rui Maria de Araujo.

In a written statement, Jokowi mention two colleagues were giving good faith in resolving the border dispute between the two countries, both on land and sea. (overdrive)

Source: http://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20160822000802-20-152849/wiranto-bertemu-xanana-gusmao-bahas-perbatasan/