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BIN forms Papua peace task force

Tabloid JUBI - September 29, 2015

Jakarta, Jubi – The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) will form a team called the Papua Peace Task Force to resolve the problems in Papua peacefully, its chairman Sutiyoso said.

"BIN will put forward a peaceful settlement, therefore we are forming the Papua Peace Task Force," said Sutiyoso, at Gedung Nusantara II, Jakarta on Monday (28/09/2015).

He explained that the Task Force is composed of representatives from BIN and also involves some members of the Army Special Forces (Kopassus) who have stayed for long in Papua.

According to him, separatism can be ended by prioritizing the fulfillment of public welfare in the region.

"We talk about separatism in Papua and Aceh (the Meeting with Commission I). So the discussion is not finished but it is clear that it must be serious in handling with separatist, "he said.

He explained separatist movements are everywhere and it could kill the apparatus or civilian. According to him, the action of separatism in Papua is in small groups and spread out.

"In Papua, there are small groups but spread out and it should be taken seriously," he said. However, the persuasive approach must be prioritized by the Indonesia government, he said. He further said that if the approach is neglected by the separatist group, we then must take action accordingly.

He added the budget proposed by BIN amounting to Rp3.7 trillion for 2016, including earmarked for operations in various regions.

He believes that Commission I will fight for the submission of the budget to bolster the performance of the agency. "With the funds, although it is not ideal, but given enough space to do more, "he said.

Source: http://tabloidjubi.com/en/2015/09/29/bin-forms-papua-peace-task-force/