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MPs raise concerns about unemployment

The Dili Weekly - June 4, 2013

Members of Parliament are concerned because the number of people unemployed within the country continues to increase every year.

MP Maria Angelica Rangel said currently a lot of people, especially those who study at universities in Dili and overseas, can't find work when they finish

"In some ministries they only use people from overseas as their secretaries, this is a question for us, as it means Timorese are unable to," said MP Rangel in National Parliament recently.

Meanwhile, Secretary Of State For The Vocational Training Policy and Unemployment, (SEFOPE), Ilidio Ximens da Costa said unemployment doesn't only exist in Timor-Leste, but in almost all countries.

He said the current government has a policy to give training to young people to reduce the unemployment rate, which is increasing every year.

"The cooperation of the private sector is also very important, rather than just waiting for government projects, they can also create programs and projects in order to ease unemployment," said the Secretary of State.

The government also has an employment program that can help young people and the community in general find a job.

"Rural employment programs like the $3 a day program can create temporary work for our parents in remote areas, with the objective of involving the community in their own development, which is very important," said the Secretary of State.

He added the data about unemployment is not fixed, therefore this year they will create a good database system. "We need to fix this system so that we can hold a clear census," he said.