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62 women in tight clothing detained in Bireuen

Jakarta Post - May 9, 2012

Aceh, North Sumatra – Sixty-two young women were detained in a raid for wearing tight clothing in Wilayatul Hisbah, Bireuen, Aceh on Tuesday evening.

Four of the 62 women detained are sales promotion girls who were promoting cigarettes near the area, and were wearing tight black pants, white tops and red jilbab (veils).

Most of the women who passed along Jl. Meuligoe were sent to the Meuligoe regent, while the four promotion models were sent to the Islamic Shari'a office to receive instructions before being freed.

"They violated the 2002 Qanun No. 11 on the implementation of Islamic and worship symbols, which touched upon Islamic wear," said Tgk M Daud, investigator and Islamic law department head, as quoted by tribunnews.com.

The commander of Wilayatul Hisbah, Usman Kelana, said he will conduct raids more frequently to minimize the number women wearing tight clothes. "We hope the people and parents to prohibit their children from wearing tight clothing," Kelana said.