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Legislator wants Soeharto St. in Manado

Jakarta Post - June 11, 2011

A legislator from the Labor Party has requested that a street be named after Indonesia's second president, Soeharto, in Manado, North Sulawesi.

Sonny Lela from the Manado legislature said the city had developed significantly during the deceased general's rule as president.

"Aside from him being a national figure and the father of the economy, Soeharto's role in Manado was very large. Therefore, many people still miss him, including [the people] here," the legislator said.

A number of streets in Manado are currently nameless. Some are in beach reclamation areas and others in areas that have recently been converted into residential sites.

Manado Mayor Vicky Lumentut said the act of bestowing a street name should first be discussed in a meeting involving various parties.

Soeharto ruled Indonesia for over 30 years. His reign was preceded by what was said to be a failed communist coup. A nationwide campaign against communism and socialism then occurred during his presidency. He was toppled in 1998 after large-scale protests demanding his ouster.