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Faisal Basri and friends launch new political organisation

Kompas Cyber Media - September 18, 2003

Heru Margianto, Jakarta – A number of political and economic figures launched a new political organisation at the Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta, on Thursday September 18. The new organisation which is named the Preparation Committee for Movement Indonesia (Komite Persiapan Pergerakan Indonesia, KPPI) is headed by economist Faisal Basri. Other presidium members include Meilono Suwondo, Indira Damayanti, Bara Hasibuan, Bondan Gunawan, Budiman Sujatmiko, Deliar Noer and Esther Indahyani Yusuf.

In the text of the declaration which was read by Indira Damayanti, it said that the committee was formed as a response to young Indonesians to answer future challenges by providing an alternative political leadership. The organisation was established based on a platform of nationalism, populism, pluralism, progressiveness and democracy.

Meanwhile, Presidium chairperson Faisal Basri said that the new organisation represented a response to the actions of the political parties which are viewed as being incapable of providing progress to (for) the people.

"The Indonesian nation has many leaders and elites but they have never shown themselves to be genuine leaders of the people. It is time for the younger generation who were born in the movement against the New Order regime [of former President Suharto] to emerge in the political leadership in Indonesia".

Asked by journalists if the committee will become an embryo for the birth of a new political party, he said, "At the latest, we will hold the first congress of Movement Indonesian in one year. The congress will determine what this movement will become".

Up until this time, said Faisal, the KPPI leadership has been supported by local representatives from 18 provinces in Indonesia. The declaration was also attended by a number of figures such as Nurcholish Madjid (Cak Nur), Eros Djarot, Mudji Sutrisno, Sutradara Gintings, and Soeripto. (prim)

[Translated by James Balowski.]