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UN troops may be allowed after decision

Suara Pembaruan - April 19, 1999 (summary)

ABRI commander General Wiranto said that East Timor is still part of Indonesia and that any violations of the law by either side are intolerable. Asked about the entry of UN forces, he said this would happen at the appropriate time, ie when a decision has been taken regarding the option that is being offered.

He denied that conditions in Timor were tense and said that everything was under control. The army and the police there were under orders to keep things in order and to prosecute those who break the law.

Foreign Minister Ali Alatas that the conflicts were part of a longstanding conflict between the pro-and anti-integration groups and it would not influence the tripartite meeting at the UN later this week.

Monday evening Justice Minister is due to meet Timorese leader Xanana Gusmao at his Department when he will ask Xanana to retract his statement regarding war (sic). He denied that Xanana would be returned to prison because this would be a setback, but said he could speak harshly to Xanana.

The atmosphere in Dili appears to be calm though all shops are closed and the markets are quiet, while schools are not functioning.

The governor presided over a ceremony in which he inaugurated civilian security guards (Pam Swakarsa) for Dili district, which included members of the Aitarak militia.

In Becora, pro-independence youth gathered together while many residents evacuated to a safer place. The security forces have been unable to gain control of the area because the roads are blocked by pro-independence groups who want to seek vengance against pro-integration groups. In Dili proper the streets are being patrolled by Brimob. The police chief admitted that his forces were still unable to take charge in some areas because the roads are blocked.

Manuel Carrascalao, speaking from Bishop Belo's home said he lamented the violence at his house and the death of his son. Why had they killed him and not me, he said, because I am the one involved in politics.