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Communists relatives can form party

Media Indonesia - January 18, 1999 (BBC summary)

Jakarta – The family members of former Indonesian Communist Party – PKI – members could not only vote or be elected but could also form a political party providing they did not deviate from the national ideology, Pancasila.

Golkar General Chairman Akbar Tanjung made this announcement in Jakarta on 17th January in response to a decision on draft election laws which allowed for ex-PKI family members to vote, and be elected as members of the national legislature in the coming election. Previously ex-PKI were allowed only to vote but not to be elected. " It is legitimate for them to form a political party," said Tanjung.

He added that his statement was in line with Golkar's attitude to put aside past incidents and look to the future to build a stronger Indonesia... The chairman of the National Awakening Party, Alwi Shihab, separately said that there were no longer any reasons to restrict the rights of ex-PKI members...