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Atabae citizen shot

MateBEAN - February 13, 1998

Dili – Joao, 20, a citizen of Limanaru village, Raerobu, Sub-district Atabae, District Bobonaro, East Timor, had mysteriously disappeared from Guico Public Health Clinic (Puskesmas). An unknown armed group shot and kidnapped him.

Last Friday (6/2), Joao, Joaquim, 22, and Roberto, 27, the last two is citizens of Madebau village, Atabae, Sub-District Atabae, District Bobonaro, went to the sea to catch fish. On their way, near Loes Bridge, an unidentified-armed band ambushed them.

The unknown-armed unit asked for their ID Card. Unfortunately Joao had no ID at that time. Without hesitation, the band beat them mercilessly. Can not bear the pain, Joao tried to run away but one of the attacker shot him on his thigh and heel. Disregarding his pain, he swam across the river, went to the nearest Puskesmas, and got medical treatment.

At around 21.00 local time, the same band member picked him up by force. Up to this moment, there is no clue the whereabouts of Joao.

The people of Atabae village confirmed the incident. "We are still trying to find out Joao's whereabouts and we have reported the beating and the kidnapping to local government and police," said one citizen to a journalist visiting Atabae.