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East Timorese accused of helping a fugitive to hide

MateBEAN - December 31, 1997

Semarang – Central Java Prosecutor's High Office had arrested Gil Paulo da Silva (23, an IMPETTU Solo member. He was accused of helping one East Timor "terrorist" suspected as one of the bomb-makers unintentionally exploded in Demak a few months ago. He was accused of breaking Article 169 paragraph 1 and Article 221 paragraph 1e of the Indonesian Criminal Law.

Halius Hoesen, SH, the Assistant District Attorney for General Crime said it officially to six IMPETTU student activists came to visit his office in Semarang, Monday 29 December 1997. According to the regulation, Gil, arrested since November 1997, will be released on Thursday 29 December 1997.

"The Prosecutor's High Office have the right to arrest a suspect for 40 days only. In Gil's case, no legal basis can prolong his arrest and he will be released soon," said Hoesen. According to him, Gil was arrested because he helped the wounded bomb-maker Joao Bosco, who ran away from Demak and hid him in Solo. "Joao is a fugitive and included on the Most Wanted list," he added.

Written on Gil's official file is a series of accusations. He was accused as being a member of an illegal criminal organization called the PST, Perkumpulan Sosialis Timur (East Socialist Association), breaking public order and helping to hide a suspected criminal.

Hoesen also stated that the four East Timor youths arrested by the Central Java Prosecutor's High Office and suspected as the Demak bomb-makers, had been officially declared as defendants. The four defendants are Domingos Natalino (22), Joaquin Santana (23), Femao Pedro (22) dan Ivo Salvador.

Up to this moment, the files of the four defendants are still in the Attorney's Office. They are scheduled to stand for trial in Semarang Court, mid-January 1998.

The Attorney's Office had ordered Retno SH, Harnoto SH, Gafar SH and Monita SH as prosecutors for the scheduled trial.