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AJI welcomes prosecution's call for Iwik's release

Alliance of Independent Journalists - November 4, 1997 (posted by Tapol)

Jakarta – The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) said it welcomed Prosecutor Amrin Nain's call for the release of Dwi Sumaji alias Iwik, the accused in the case of the murder of Bernas journalist Fuad Moh. Syafruddin alias Udin. The prosecutor called for Udin's [should read Iwik - JB] release during the a court session at the Bantul regional court on Monday, 3 November.

The prosecutor's call confirms that Dwi Sumaji, accused of murdering Udin, was merely a scapegoat found in order to protect the real killer.

As is well known, the proof gathered by various groups, including AJI's Investigation Team, the "White Kijang Team", made up of young Yogyakarta journalists, and the PWI's Fact Finding Team in Yogyakarta, established that Udin's death was in fact related to his work as an independent journalist. And, more specifically, that Udin's death was connected with collusion in the Bantul regency administration involving a number of officials.

However, by contrast, the police manipulated the situation in order to trap Iwik, in an effort to protect the real killer and those behind the killing.

Without wishing to pre-empt the actions of the court, AJI trusts that the judges will also base their decision on the truth, by ordering Iwik's unconditional release and stating that he was not involved. Thus, Iwik's good name can be restored.

Nevertheless, Iwik's unconditional release is insufficient. AJI calls upon the authorities to investigate fully Fuad M. Syafruddin's murder, to bring the true perpetrator to justice, and to reveal the identities of those behind his death. The police officials involved in the false accusations against Iwik which caused him such suffering must be investigated. The authorities responsible for this investigation must reveal the brains behind the police's manipulation, regardless of the identities and rank of those responsible.