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My husband was at home, says Iwik's wife

Indonesia Times - September 23, 1997

Jakarta – The wife of Dwi Sumaji, alias Iwik, the defendant on the murder of Bernas daily's reporter Udin, said that her husband was at home in the night it happened.

Sunarti, Iwik's wife, yesterday was present in Bantul district court, Yogyakarta, as a witness to unveil Iwik's alibi.

"My husband had slept at home from 08.00 p.m to 24.00 before he went out to see what was happening in our neighborhood," Sunarti said.

The night the murder happened, on Aug. 13 1996, Iwik's neighbor has just lost his motorbike and all neighbors coming out of their house to see what happened.

"My mother also saw him at home," she added.

Other witness in the trial, Sumardi Imam Daud, a police officer who is also Iwik's neighbor, confessed that he saw Iwik at that night.

"He rarely goes out of his house since he suffers respiratory problem and cannot stand in cold weather for a long time," he said.

Iwik's house is located in the foot of mountain which forces him to stay at home in the night. Other neighbor, Sumarsono, gave the same confession. "I was sitting in a street kiosk when I saw Iwik came out of his house to see the crowd."

Meanwhile, Sunarti said that her marriage life with Iwik runs smoothly. "We have never been in quarrel for a big problem. So far, if there is, we only bring the problem of our child who does not want to go to school without our company into a discussion," she said.

Commenting on the background of murder which allegedly because of her love affairs with Udin, Sunarti said that Udin was one of her school mates in Islamic high school in Bantul.

"We have never see each other since we graduated from school," she said.

Sunarti said that she was surprised when the report said that she has something to do with Udin's death.

However, Sunarti's way of speaking made the trail visitors laugh. Innocently she said that police officers asked Iwik's shoes as a proof to the murder. The police officers came to her house and asked her husband's shoes. Sunarti gave them a pair of shoes which are a gift of Iwik's father. But then they asked other shoes in brand Adidas. "We don't have that kind of shoes. Why they ask us for the things we don't have?" she asked innocently.

Meanwhile, since the police could not find a head bandanna which allegedly used by Iwik at that night, Sunarti promised them to buy the one they wanted. "They try to find a bandanna which I have never seen before around our house. Since they could not find it, I told them that I will buy them the one they meant," she said followed by visitors' laugh.