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Four Timorese sentenced for embassy break-ins

Radio Australia - September 1, 1997

An Indonesian court has jailed four East Timorese men to two months and 15 days each for forcibly entering the Bulgarian embassy in Jakarta to seek asylum.

Local reports say the court found the four guilty of using violence against law officers.

The Judge said the men scaled the fence of the Bulgarian embassy on the 27th of June and, in the process, brushed aside two policemen who tried to restrain them.

135 East Timorese have left for Portugal since September 1993 after having gained protection inside foreign embassies in Jakarta, however the four were handed to the police two hours later.

Indonesia has been dealing with an East Timorese resistence movement since it invaded the former Portuguese colony of in 1975.

It annexed East Timor in 1976 in a move NOT recognised by the international community.