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Indonesia cancels Sukarno seminar

Radio Australia - June 23, 1997

The Indonesian government has cancelled a controversial plan to hold a seminar to reassess the role of founding president, Sukarno, in a failed coup in 1965.

The Youth and Sports Minister, Haryono Isman, said that after hearing the views of various leaders it was proposed to President Suharto that there was no need to hold the seminar.

Mr Isman, speaking after a meeting with Mr Suharto, gave no reason for cancelling the seminar, which was to have been held next Saturday.

It was originally to have taken place in April, but was postponed until after the general elections last month.

The seminar, proposed by Mr Isman and initially approved by Mr Suharto, was to have focussed on Mr Sukarno's final public speech in 1966, known as Nawaksara.

In the speech Mr Sukarno denied any links to the abortive 1965 coup which was blamed on the Indonesian Communist Party.