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Senior politician Soebadio questioned for 7 hours

Kompas - May 6, 1997 (Abridged)

[Odd indeed that the Suharto regime has chosen to take Buchori and not Soebadio to court for an act that was clearly the latter's responsibility. The reason is not difficult to find, the embarrassment of charging an elderly and highly respected politician from the Sukarno era. Tapol]

Soebadio Sastrosatomo, the author of a pamphlet titled, New Era, New Leadership: Badio rejects New Order's Machinations, was questioned for seven and a half hours Monday by Jakarta police. He was accompanied by his team of lawyers. One of the team, Hendardi, said the questioning went smoothly.

Soebadio was being questioned as a witness in the case against Buyung Rachmad Buchori Nasution, his personal assistant who arranged for the pamphlet to be printed and distributed. Buchori is being charged with insulting the head of state for having handled the printing of Soebadio's pamphlet.

Hendardi told reporters that Soebadio had taken full responsibility for the contents of the book, which was banned by order of the Attorney-General on 4 March this year. He also said that he, Soebadio, had instructed Buchori to arrange for a thousand copies of the pamphlet to be printed.