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Mega supporters hold sit in at the pro-Soerjadi secretariat

Bali Post - April 3, 1997

Denpasar – The pro-Soerjadi Indonesian Democratic Party Secretariat in Denpasar, Wednesday (2/4) yesterday at around 1.30pm, was occupied by around 250 pro-Megawati supporters.

The PDI masses held the action after being disappointed by the decision of the Denpasar state court against them [pro-Megawati supporters] and in favor of the pro-Soerjadi congress in Medan.

After attending the trial they went directly to the PDI secretariat offices where they sat down along the street and stated their dissatisfaction with the court's decision. When security forces wanted to breakup the action, the masses did not want to leave. Authorities then attacked them in order to get them to leave the street. Only after 3pm were the masses dispersed.

In yesterdays peaceful action, according to the pro-Megawati security coordinator AA Kompyang Gede, three PDI members and two people not supporters of Megawati were beaten by the security officers. Three other Megawati supporters disappeared taken by security forces. As of this story going to print (6pm), it is their whereabouts are still unknown. "This case will be reported to the National Human Rights Commission", he said.

Among those who were clobbered by the security force were Putu Yuliantara and Putu Lina Adyawati, Salit Putu Aryana (17), Nyoman Adiana (32). Meanwhile Made Arjana, Wayan Arjana, and Nyoman Budiasa are missing and there whereabout unknown.

An employee of Bali Post who wanted passed nearby, far from the demonstrations, also became a victim of the security forces being hit twice by security personnel. Yuliantara a student of Diana Pura Kerobokan from Klungkung who was in fact only passing by, was struck in the ace and bruised and had to be treated in hospital.

When police Let-Col P. Purwoko was asked how many security personnel were mobilsed and how long they would guard the area, he said "All of those matters are secret. What is clear is that we will guard the are until the situation is truly secure. So it cannot be determined until when, who knows if we leave now tomorrow they will return". By 3.15pm yesterday the situation had returned to normal.

[Abridged translation from Bali Post - James Balowski]