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Election boycott action attacked by military

KPDI - April 1, 1997

Today on April 1 the repressive apparatus of the New Order has acted even more brutally against the movement to establish democracy in Indonesia. The Armed Forces ferociously and ruthlessy attacked a HUNGER STRIKE FOR MEGAWATI AND DEMOCRACY being conducted in the Gajah Mada University Boulevarde. The hunger strike was being organised by the Struggle Committee for Indonesian Democracy (KPDI). The KPDI comprises Yogyakarta Youth in Struggle for Democracy (PPD), University of Gajah Mada Student Council, Santa Dharma University Student Council, Pijar magazine from Faculty of Philosophy Gajah Mada University, Dian Budaya magazine from the Faculty of Arts, UGM; Balairung magazine, and the Yogyakarta Megawati Supporters Association. The military chased, beat, stamped on and dragged along the activists and then threw them on the truck. Several student activists and members of the PDI-Struggle (of Megawati) were arrested and several more injured.

Activists arrested and detained in Sleman District Military Command centre are:

  1. Victor Yasadhana (UGM student council)
  2. Haris Rusli (PPD)
  3. Nining (Chairperson - PPD)
  4. Adjie (PPD)
  5. Gusti (Chairperson Student Council UGM)
  6. Nita (Secretary Student Council USD)
  7. Gandung (Student Council UGM)
  8. Jhon (PPD)
  9. Rubi (Student Council UGM)
  10. Nuraini (Information Officer PPMY)
  11. Admo (Student Council UGM) 12. Hikmah (PPD)
  12. Bambang (member of Yogyakarta NGO forum)
  13. Waljiyah (Organisational head of PPMY and PDI Struggle)
  14. Rubaidah (Solo city Megawati defence team)
  15. Tommy (Chair PPMY activist PDI Struggle)
  16. Yudi (student council UGM)
  17. Kamal Al Baity (Secretary General PPD)
  18. Susi Ifaty (Treasurer PPD)
  19. 6 people not identified

    Injured activists include:

  • Jeri (Student Council UGM) Stabbed in the hand by commando knife.
  • Yuni (Student Council UGM) Twisted leg muscles due to being stamped on by soldiers
  • Megawati PDI supporters beaten and covered in bruises after being beaten with batons. One with injured and bleeding head. Several students and PDI supporters whereqabouts are still unknown.

Yogyakarta, 1 April 1997, Advocacy Coordinator Indonesian Democracy Struggle Committee (KPDI) - Hari Prabowo