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UN Representative compliment security forces in dili

Suara Karya - March 25, 1997

From 48 anti integration people who attend the demonstration at Mahkota Timur Hotel, this Sunday (23/3), 24 of them were arrested and officially became suspects after being interrogate by the security forces. 10 others were immediately release, and 14 became witnesses. There are possibility that this 14 people will become suspects too, said Dili Chief of Police Lt. Col. (Police) Drs. Beno Kilapong in Comoro VIP room after escorting the UN representative last Monday in Dili.

Beno Kilapong who was injured in his hand while trying to stop the rampage, explain that while interrogated most of the suspect confesed immediately. But the others just joined the demonstration without knowing who is in charge for the demo.

"They, who just joined the demonstration will be return to their family so they could continue their activities like usual. Some of them are school children, but there are also workless people. There are 10 of them after being questioned", he said.

Meanwhile, Special Representative Jamsheed Marker who visited East Timor and witnessed the brutal action last Sunday, in a press conference regrets the action done by Timorese youth. "I really regret with what happened yesterday in front of Mahkota Hotel Dili. I approve the acton if it was peacefully without any violence and destroying properties. Destroying things is what I really dissagree of", he said commenting on the Sunday incident.

According to Marker, the Dili security forces deserve a compliment on their fast and immediate action to stabilize the situation. "There are so many times I met with demonstrators. But here in Dili they are very brutal. We are trying to solve the East Timor problem here. Why did they do this to me?", Marker said.