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Bintang and PUDI leaders complain to Human Rights Commission

Media Indonesia - February 25, 1997

Jakarta – The head of the Indonesian United Democratic Party (PUDI), Sri Bintang Pamungkas, along with PUDI leaders have gone to the National Human Rights Commission to lodge a complaint against armed forces chief General TNI Feisal who they consider discredited PUDI.

They also complained the actions of the Vice Consul of Indonesian Consulate General in Berlin, who created problems with the extension of Iwan Setiabudi's passport, an Indonesian student in Berlin who had previously appeared as a defense witness in Bintang's trial in Jakarta. The delegation consisted of Bintang, the Secretary General of PUDI, Saleh Abdullah, Yulius Usman and others. They were received by the secretary general of the commission, Baharuddin Lopa.

Usman said Tanjung's statements were quoted in the Jakarta daily Kompas on Feb 22 titled: "Opposition movement linked with riots". The article said that PUDI along with MARI (Mejelis Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesian Peoples Council and PRD (Partai Rakyat Demokratik, Peoples Democratic Party) made up sections of the opposition movement who tended to be more political. Their activities could not be separated from a number of riots and disturbances.

"Tanjung's statement has no basis at all and goes beyond his authority as a military commands. A military person, in a democratic state which is democratic and reject militarism, should only speak with regard to the tasks and function of defending the nation", said Usman.

Bintang also complained about the extension of Iwan's passport saying "The grounds were that Iwan had appeared as a defense witness in my case not long ago. As a result the extension has been "pocketed" [not processed - JB] since February 3. He added that the process was also irregular: "Iwan, was interrogated and pressured by the authorities. All of this he said was carried out on orders from Jakarta". He said that "the Vice Council went too far and considered Iwan an enemy of Indonesia...". Bintang has also complained to the Indonesian consulate in Bonn.

Lop said the commission would take the issue seriously and investigate.