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Police hear main witness in slander charges against Gus Dur

Antara News - February 14, 1997

Jakarta – Police questioned Andrianto, leader of non-governmental organisation Humanika on Thursday, about the slander charges he has filed against Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) chairman Abdurrahman Wahid.

Andrianto had earlier lodged a formal complaint against Wahid for allegedly slandering Humanika by a statement late last January depicting Humanika as the mastermind behind the Tasikmalaya (West Java) mass riot.

Two members of the Jakarta Police Department's detective unit, lieutenants B Marpaung and Ponadi, questioned Adrianto for nearly six hours as the main witness in the case.

Andrianto told the press after the questioning, the police asked him a total of 28 questions in relation to Humanika's complaint against Abdurrahman Wahid who is more popularly called Gus Dur.

"Humanika is disturbed by Gus Dur's statement. If we do not take him to court, I am afraid people may come to believe his statement that Humanika was behind the riot (in Tasikmalaya)," Andrianto said.

He said Gus Dur would have to prove his statement about Humanika in court.

"We really hope Gus Dur will disclose all the evidence he has to support his statement. He claimed he has a lot of evidence such as floppy discs and documents. He also said he could call on the military resort commander, the military district commander and the local police chief to testify," Andrianto added.

Apart from Andrianto, the police also questioned Asep Rahmman, former chairman of the Jakarta chapter of the Islamic Students Association, who allegedly attended the public discusssion at which Gus Dur made the statement about Humanika's involvement in the Tasikmalaya riot.