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Police shoot dead seven criminals

The Indonesia Times - January 27, 1997

Jakarta – In three consecutive days, police shot dead seven men in separate places in Jakarta after neglecting order to surrender.

The men were suspected for committing various crimes, police said.

Leonardo Defrede, a student, was shot dead in Pulo Mas, East Jakarta. He was suspected to have brought an ounce of dried marijuana. He was forcibly shot dead after trying to run away and neglect warning shots.

In the Cipto Mangunkusumo hospital, Defredes mother cried loudly and protested the shooting. Why must my son be shot dead whereas hes only my family hope.

Defrede has reportedly not come home several days prior to the incident. The family knew his death after reading news on Friday morning that he was struck by polices bullets a day before.

The second victim was Nimin Kosasih alias Katel. He was struck by a bullet on his head on Friday morning.

The third body lied on the Cipto Mangunkusumo hospitals morgue was Yasan Katiman. He was shot dead in Penjaringan, North Jakarta, by two bullets on his chest on Friday morning.

Katiman, an ex-prisoner, tried to run away after robbing a motorcycle in Teluk Gong. The Penjaringan district policemen chased after him. And only 15 minutes, the police found and shot the guy to death.

Sanim, who lived in Cipete, South Jakarta, was shot dead on his chest for involving in a crime.

The other three suspects killed on Friday were Tarsiwan, Rusli and Kopral.

Tarsiwan and Rusli were residents of the Penjaringan district, North Jakarta, while Kopral lived in the Ciputat district, Tangerang.

[In 1983-4, almost 10,000 "criminals" were shot in Java and Sumatra during a campaign organised by the military and sanctioned by president Suharto which became known as Penembak(an) Misterius or Mesterious Shootings. Similar killings were also doumented in 1994-5 - JB.]