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July 31, 2020

The Portugal News - July 31, 2020

The Timorese government is evaluating options to allow Portuguese teachers who left the country in April, due to the Covid-19, to return to Timor-Leste, the deputy prime minister told

July 29, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 29, 2020

Jakarta – Dozens of cities and regencies in the country have violated regulations on reopening schools by neglecting the requisite health protocols or re-operating in areas with a high

July 28, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 28, 2020

Ghina Ghaliya, Jakarta – The majority of Indonesians want the government to reopen schools and colleges, a recent poll by Cyrus Network has suggested, despite the COVID-19 pandemic sho

Jakarta Post - July 28, 2020

Jakarta – National COVID-19 task force head Doni Monardo said on Monday that the government would allow the reopening of schools outside green zones, areas with the lowest risk of COVI

July 25, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 25, 2020

Ghina Ghaliya, Jakarta – Education and Culture Minister Nadiem Makarim has come under fire after several organizations voiced their concerns over the involvement of private enterprises

Radio New Zealand - July 25, 2020

Jonathan Mitchell – Two new training centres have opened in Timor-Leste to help locals gain trade skills, as the country remembers a fallen New Zealand soldier.

July 24, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 24, 2020

Jakarta – In an incident that highlights how the pandemic has heightened economic disparities, a woman in Jombang, East Java, has resorted to selling her goat in order to buy a mobile

July 22, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 22, 2020

Gemma Holliani Cahya, Jakarta – As four junior high schoolers waded across a fast flowing river on their way to school, they struggled to keep their balance against the force of the cu

July 20, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 20, 2020

Jakarta – All schools in Pariaman, West Sumatra closed their doors again and returned to online instruction on Monday after two staff members of a school in the city tested positive fo

July 19, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 19, 2020

Gemma Holliani Cahya, Jakarta – For the past four months, more than 60 million students across the nation have been forced to study from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jakarta Post - July 19, 2020

Alya Nurbaiti, Jakarta – While online learning is expected to become the new norm in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, students in East Seram regency in Maluku are still struggling

July 18, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 18, 2020

Jakarta – Sixty-four principals of state junior high schools in Riau's Indragiri Hulu regency have resigned following the Education and Culture Ministry's recent regulation allowing sc

July 17, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 17, 2020

Made Anthony Iswara, Jakarta – Indonesia could see a decline in the quality of new teachers, as the government's recent cancellation of civil service entrance exams could result in a h

Jakarta Post - July 17, 2020

Sausan Atika, Jakarta – The Jakarta administration ended its public school enrollment period last week, but its effects are still felt among underprivileged students and their financia

Jakarta Post - July 17, 2020

Jakarta – The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has urged regional administrations to set up preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in schools as students start to return to their

July 15, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 15, 2020

Dzulfiqar Fathur Rahman, Jakarta – The government plans to start in-person training courses in August under its preemployment card program, despite the daily surge in new COVID-19 case

July 14, 2020

Tempo - July 14, 2020

Dewi Nurita, Jakarta – The Religious Affairs Ministry introduced a program dubbed Kita Cinta Papua or We Love Papua as an effort to build a bridge of solidarity from the country's west

July 13, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 13, 2020

Djemi Amnifu, Fadli and Apriadi Gunawan, Medan/Kupang – After months of studying from home, students in several parts of the archipelago returned to school on Monday in accordance with

July 10, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 10, 2020

Dzulfiqar Fathur Rahman, Jakarta – The government on Wednesday issued a new regulation for its flagship incentivized training program to close loopholes in the previous regulation that

July 9, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 9, 2020

Tri Indah Oktavianti, Jakarta – Government announced on Wednesday that it would expand its Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) program to provide financial assistance to more university student

July 5, 2020

Jakarta Post - July 5, 2020

Made Anthony Iswara, Jakarta – Australian resident Joel Backwell, 39, experienced what most Indonesian students go through when he studied art law for a year at Gadjah Mada University

Jakarta Post - July 5, 2020

Rizki Fachriansyah, Jakarta – President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has touted online courses as the default mode of learning for many university students as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has

July 2, 2020

CNN Indonesia - July 2, 2020

Jakarta – Hundreds of students from the Jakarta United Student Movement (GMJB) Alliance held a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) building on

Jakarta Post - July 2, 2020

Budi Sutrisno, Jakarta – A student from the National University (UNAS) in South Jakarta has been reported to the police after protesting against the university's fee discount policy ea