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Is this the new PKI headquarters claimed by Kivlan Zen?

Liputan 6 - June 3, 2016

Muslim AR, Jakarta – Former Army Strategic Reserves Command (green berets) Chief of Staff Major General Kivlan Zen made a surprising statement during the anti-PKI symposium not long ago. He said that the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) will soon be revived and that it already has an office in the Senen area of Central Jakarta.

"Be warned, the PKI's office next to the Acacia Hotel on Jl. Matraman has already begun to be renovated as if it's an office owned by a business. That's where they will be revived, that's were the PKI is. In front of it there are indications they're building", said Zen at the national symposium titled "Protecting Pancasila from the threat of the PKI and other ideologies" on Wednesday June 1.

In order to validate the truth of the remarks by the retired three-star general, Liputan6.com went looking in the area he mentioned. During the search, what was found was not an office building, but a string of small stalls, a tonic shop, a food stall and several motorcycle workshops.

Aside from the string of tightly packed shops however, was an empty and dilapidated building overgrown with moss and weeds. In front of the building was a green signpost with the words, "PT Catur Krida Dana Utama".

It was rather difficult to see the physical conditions inside the building because it was obstructed by a corrugated iron fence in front of it.

So is this empty building the one Zen was referring to as the PKI's headquarters? Local residents who were asked about this claimed surprise, because the building had long been abandoned and no one is guarding it.

"What, who said that Mas [Brother]? It hasn't been used for a long time, [I] don't know what building it is, they say it's owned by a company, it's been like that for years, Mas, it's not being developed", said 48-year-old Krisman, a resident of Kramat Lontar who lives on Lane III.

Another local even said that people think the empty building is haunted because several local people passing by have seen apparitions.

"Certainly there are PKI there, Mas, the ghosts of the PKI. The front of the building can be seen clearly towards nightfall, many people trade in front of it, in the middle of the night it's a place to make out", said a resident of Jl. Kramat Sentiong who asked for their name not to be mentioned.

Syamsu Rijal, the head of neighbourhood RW01, Paseban administrative ward, Senen sub-district, Central Jakarta, admitted to being surprised at claims that a PKI headquarters is located in the area. "Wow, where is the office? It's the first I've heard of it, there's nothing [like that] here, Mas. I know this area really well", said Syamsu.

According to Syamsu, the majority of buildings in the area are residential homes. With regard to an empty office in the area, he was also not convinced that the building was a headquarters for PKI activity.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was Inikah Markas PKI di Kramat Raya Menurut Kivlan Zen?.]

Source: http://news.liputan6.com/read/2522715/inikah-markas-pki-di-kramat-raya-menurut-kivlan-zen.

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