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Women's Struggle Committee re-launched for IWD, ongoing fight for equality

Koran Migran - March 8, 2016

The Indonesian People's Center of Struggle (PPRI) has re-launched the Women's Struggle Committee of the People (KPPR, Komite Perjuangan Perempuan Rakyat), which had begun to die down over the last few years, to coincide with the momemntum of commemorating International Women's Day (IWD) which for the last 100 years has been commemorated on March 8.

As if reborn with a new spirit, it is hoped that the KPPR will become a front for the struggle of women's groups that will be strong, solid and capable of fighting for equal rights for women.

Meanwhile in the context of the protest action pioneered by the KPPR to commemorate IWD this year, they will be taking up the theme, "Women and People Fight Capitalism, Militarism and the Culture of Patriarchy" in two locations.

The first target will be the offices of the Ministry of Education and Culture followed by the State Palace. With around 500 protesters, which are dominated by women, both young and old will join in the same strength of spirit.

A number of demands will be taken up by the different organisations that make up the PPRI alliance which includes the National Labour Movement Centre (SGBN), the Indonesian Migrant Workers Trade Union (SBMI), the Indonesian People's Union of Struggle (SPRI), the Populist Democratic Trade Union Federation (F-SEDAR), the Solidarity Alliance for Labour Struggle (GSPB), the Student Struggle Center for National Liberation (PEMBEBASAN), the People's Youth Movement Centre (SGMK), the Indonesian Cultural Society Union (SeBUMI), Solidarity Net (Solidaritas.net), the People's Liberation Party (PPR), the Working People's Association-Organisational Saviours Committee (KPO-PRP), the Contract Workers Challenge Alliance (ABKM), the Hong Kong Progressive Migrant Worker Alliance (AMP-HK) and the PT Nanbu Plastic Earth of Mankind Trade Union (Nanbu SEBUMI).

PPRI's demands:

1. Wages for housewives
2. Basic commodities for the poor
3. Equal rights and treatment in the work place
4. An 8 hour working day for Indonesian migrant workers (BMI)
5. A 50 percent wage rise
6. The abolition of all payments for BMI placement overseas
7. The provision of free social security for BMIs and their families
8. A 5 day working week for BMIs
9. Allow BMIs to process independent contracts
10. Save Rita and all BMIs overseas [facing the death penalty]
11. The provision of high-tech, easy to use and affordable household equipment for women in the home
12. Equal opportunities for public positions
13. Affordable, scientific and democratic education
14. The provision of public kitchens, public washing facilities, child care and care for the elderly
15. Maternal and menstrual leave
16. Equal wages for equal work
17. Access to affordable healthcare services, particularly in relation to reproductive health
18. Stabilise the price of basic commodities for the people
19. Try and seize the assets of corruptors
20. Develop a strong national industry
21. Revoke bylaws that discriminate against women and reject all anti-democratic legislation and regulations
22. Reject all forms of sexual violence against women
23. Reject the positioning of women as objects of entertainment in the arts
24. Ratify the Law on Domestic Workers and the Law on the Protection of BMIs
25. Implement genuine agrarian reform
26. Abolish all contract labour systems and outsourcing

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was KPPR Bangkit Kembali di Momentum IWD - Memperingati IWD 8 Maret 2016.]

Source: http://www.koranmigran.com/2016/03/kppr-bangkit-kembali-di-momentum-iwd.html.

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