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PAN, Gerindra and PKS leaders join FPI chief Rizieq Shihab at anti-Ahok demo

Kompas.com - November 4, 2016

Jakarta – Islamic Defenders Front's (FPI) leader and patron Rizieq Shihab rode atop one of the command vehicles during the mass demonstrations against Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama in Jakarta on Friday November 4.

Also riding in the same vehicle were House of Representatives (DPR) deputy speaker and Greater Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra) deputy chairperson Fadli Zon and former lawmaker and Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) leader Fahri Hamzah.

Both wore white shirts. Zon carried a red-and-white flag with Hamzah alongside him.

As the command vehicle passed through Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat, it stopped opposite the Constitutional Court. "Please make way, [National Mandate Party (PAN) party patron] Pak Amien Rais wants to get on", said Shihab.

As of 4.25pm, protesters were sill filling Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat. Under Shihab's command, they will to move off towards the State Palace where they plan to hold afternoon prayers.

Several of the demonstrators however held afternoon prayers along the side of the road near Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat.


A photograph of Amien Rais, Fadli Zon, Fahri Hamzah and Habib Rizieq riding the command vehicle at the November 4 protest can be viewed on the Kompas.com website.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was Amien Rais, Fadli Zon, Fahri Hamzah, dan Rizieq Shihab Berada dalam Satu Mobil Komando.]

Source: http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2016/11/04/15454711/amien.rais.fadli.zon.fahri.hamzah.dan.rizieq.shihab.berada.dalam.satu.mobil.komando.

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