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Lampung workers oppose social security wage deductions

Saibumi.com - May 1, 2014

Aji Saktiyanto, Bandar Lampung – Workers holding a demonstration to commemorate International Labour Day at the Bandar Lampung Adipura Monument in the provincial capital of Lampung on May 1 demanded that their wages not be deducted as dues to pay for social security by the Social Security Management Agency (BPJS).

"The BPJS program should be covered by the government and not cut into workers' wages", said action coordinator Rajahot Sinterclause from the Lampung People's Movement (GRL) in a speech. The workers also demanded that the government raise the level of welfare that is still below standard.

"May workers who are paid a standard wage but the minimum wage is still too small", said Sinterclause who also called on the government to abolish contract labour and outsourcing systems.

The workers also demanded that the Lampung provincial government increase the provincial minimum wage by increasing the number of standard components that make up the reasonable living cost index (KHL) which currently comprises only 60 components.

Source: http://www.saibumi.com/artikel-3540-buruh-di-lampung-tuntut-upah-tidak-dipotong-untuk-bpjs.html.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service.]

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