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Top religious body warns against resurgence of communist ideology

Pos Kota - May 18, 2013

Jakarta Ė The chairperson of the country's top religious body the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI), KH Ma'ruf Amin is calling on all parties to be on guard against the reemergence of the Indonesian communist movement.

"Communism is indeed dead but their ideas and ideology live on", said Amin during a religious community discussion on the theme, "Education, Early Detection and the Rise of the Neo-Socialism and Communism in Indonesia", in Jakarta on Saturday May 18.

Also speaking at the event were former Army Deputy Chief of Staff retired Lieutenant General Kiki Syahnakri and political observer Alfian Tanjung.

Amin gave as an example a movement that is calling on the government to issue an apology for the 30 September Movement/Indonesian Communist Party (G30S/PKI) affair in 1965.

"They already exist, [saying] that the 1965 affair was a gross human rights violation. And the government must apologise" said Amin who is also a member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Watimpres).

Syahnakri agreed with Amin saying that the ideas and ideology of communism have never died and that we must also be on guard against liberal ideas.

Liberalism, according to Syahnakri, has already seeped into all areas, and even members of our parliament are possessed by liberal ideas. This can be seen from the inferences of foreigners in the drafting of laws in the interests of foreigners.

"Liberal ideas are more dangerous than communist ideas. Although we have to be on guard against both ideas", explained Syahnakri.

He gave the example of foreign mining companies that are regulated by law and have been awarded contract of up to 65 years, after which they can be extended. These represent regulations that have been made for foreign interests, so foreigners can exploit our natural resources. (Johara/d)


Kiki Syahnakri was appointed commander of the Indonesian military in East Timor in September 1999 after pro-Jakarta militiamen went on a violent rampage in the wake of the independence vote. Along with former armed forces chief General Wiranto and six other senior generals, in February 2003 he was indicted for crimes against humanity by the joint UN-East Timor Special Crimes Unit. Alfian Tanjung is one of the deputy chiefs of the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and the chairperson of the Indonesian National Patriot Movement (GNPI).

[MUI: Waspadai Gerakan Komunis Indonesia - Pos Kota. Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013. Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft news service.]

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