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Student injured after May Day action in Lampung ends in clash

Detik News - May 1, 2012

Adan Bakar, Lampung Ė A May Day action in the South Sumatra city of Lampung ended in chaos on Tuesday after scores of protesters were involved in a clash with public order agency officers (Satpol PP). As a result one student was injured.

The clash began when hundreds of demonstrators from the Lampung Peoples Movement (GRL) marched towards the entrance to the Lampung governor's office. They were unable to get near because of a security line setup by Satpol PP officers. The protesters stopped and contented themselves with giving speeches and shouting slogans through a megaphone.

All of a sudden a scuffle broke out between the demonstrators and Satpol PP officers with both sides punching and kicking each other, which was provoked by a Satpol PP officer taking out a bayonet. Feeling under pressure, the demonstrators fought back by hitting out with bamboo flag poles. In response the Satpol PP officers counterattacked and several protesters broke ranks and ran.

A student, Isnan Subkhi, was injured as a result of the clash. "I can't be sure whether [I] was cut by a knife or a bamboo stick", said Subkhi. As a result of the clash, anti-riot police with riot shields and helmets took over security at the governor's office and the Satpol PP officers were moved behind the police line.

The GRL, which is made up of 14 labour, student and farmer organisations, began the action at the Adipura Airport then marched to the Bandar Lampung Labour office and finally the governor's office. Throughout the march, the protesters shouted slogans and sang using megaphones.

The workers were demanding that the government abolish all forms of outsourcing. "The government must close down companies that channel outsourced labour because it harms workers", said labour activist Rifki Indrawan. The GRL also called on the government not to agree to low wages for workers saying the minimum wage in Lampung is still far below standard being less than 900,000 rupiah a month. (try/try)

[May Day di Lampung Ricuh, Seorang Mahasiswa Terluka - detikNews. Selasa, 01/05/2012. Slightly abridged translation by James Balowski.]

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