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PPRM activists in Palu call on public to reject legislative elections

Tempo Interactive - March 30, 2009

Palu – On March 30, activists from the Palu City branch of the Union for the Politics of the Poor (PPRM) in Central Sulawesi encouraged local residents to reject next month’s legislative elections.

Actions were held as several different locations including the Masomba Market, the Inpres Manonda Market, Birobuli, the Tua Market, the State College of Islamic Religious Studies, the Muhammadiyah Islamic University and the Tadulako University.

The PPRM appealed to the public not to trust the political elite taking part in the elections. “Our agenda is indeed to oppose the 2009 general elections. So we have distributed 10 thousand leaflets, containing shameful [information] about the rotten politicians that are taking part in the elections”, said Palu City PPRM spokesperson Jamaluddin on Monday.

Similar actions, said Jamaluddin, will continue to be held in the lead up to the April 9 elections, adding that the current campaigns by the political elite about bringing prosperity [to the people] are nothing but a daydream.

The PPRM will be holding massive simultaneous action against the elections in all parts of Indonesia on April 5.

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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