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Aceh activists call for past right violations to be solved

Detik.com - December 11, 2006

Nur Raihan, Banda Aceh Ė Around 100 Aceh activist held a demonstration in front of the Aceh Independent Election Commission (KIP) offices on Monday December 10.

Aside from commemorating International Human Rights Day that falls today, they also called on the government to solve past cases of human rights crimes and violations in Aceh.

During the action, which created a minor traffic jam in the area in front of the KIP offices on Jl. Daud Beureueh, they also called on the Acehnese people not to vote for politicians that have been involved in human rights violations in Aceh, either directly or indirectly, or candidates that have no program to solve human rights problems in Aceh.

It was not just Aceh cases. In speeches they also called on the government to resolve cases of past human right violations in Indonesia such as Talang Sari, Tanjung Priok, Kedung Ombo, Semanggi, West Papua and Banyuwangi. (ray/nrl)

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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