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Sixty percent of elected public officials used false diplomas

Detik.com - June 20, 2006

Ken Yunita, Jakarta Ė The secretary general of Government Watch (Gowa), Andi W Saputra, says that 60 percent of public officials and level II regional heads used false diplomas to get elected.

"Since 2005, Indonesia has held 226 elections of regional heads at the provincial/city/regency level and more than half of this these have been marred by the practice of using false diplomas", said Saputra.

These facts were conveyed during a discussion at the Atlet Century Park Hotel in Senayan, South Jakarta, on Tuesday June 20.

According to Saputra, the data was taken based on the persistently high level of false diplomas being used by candidates in the earlier legislative elections as well as during the election of regional heads at regency/city levels throughout Indonesia.

"The use of these false diplomas represents an effort to seek a shortcut that legitimises any kind of means to win political power", he said.(aan)

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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