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Police identify infiltrators in fuel price hike demonstrations

Media Indonesia - September 27, 2005

Shanties, Jakarta – Indonesian police have identified the presence of infiltrators in social groups who will demonstrate against fuel price increases on October 1. It is suspected the infiltrators will provoke the pubic during demonstrations and incite them into anarchistic acts.

“It is because of this, police are appealing to group coordinators who will demonstrate to be careful during demonstrations and be on guard so their group isn’t infiltrated”, said the deputy head of the public relations, Brigadier General Sunarko, at police headquarters on Tuesday September 27.

Sunarko also warned the public who are demonstrating not be anarchistic and violate the law. “Because the police and its officers will act firmly and in accordance with the prevailing laws against those who violate the law”, asserted Sunarko.

Police also appealed to the public who wish to demonstrate to provide written notification to police in accordance with prevailing laws. “So that we can escort demonstrators so that there are not infiltrated by infiltrators who will incite riots for the sake of personal benefit”, said Sunarko.

Sunarko explained that in order to guard against undesirable incidents, the national police chief has instructed local police chiefs to maintain security and prevent the possibly of anarchistic acts occurring. On the question of the number of police officers that will be deployed, Sunarko said that it would be in accordance with the situation and the respective regional characteristics.

“If necessary and there are insufficient offers, police will deploy five SSK [company level units] or around 500 officers to provide backup for problem regions”, said Sunarko. (San/OL-06)

[Abridged translation by James Balowski. The second part of the report dealt with the issue of fuel smuggling and hoarding.]
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