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Still no follow up on Munir Fact Finding Teamís report

Kompas - July 14, 2005

Jakarta Ė Twenty days after the Fact Finding Team (TPF) investigating the case of the death of human rights activist Munir handed over the conclusions and recommendations of their six months work to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, there has still been no information on what follow up measures are to be taken by the government.

Indonesian police chief General Sutanto, when asked about what measure have been followed up by the government in the case following a meeting on fuel shortages at the presidential offices on Wednesday July 13 only responded briefly. No. No. We haven't discussed it, he said.

Last month on June 24, when the Munir team's conclusions and recommendations were handed over to the president at a press conference, TPF chairperson Police Brigadier General Marsudi Hanafie said that the president had promised to respond to and deal with it quickly.

Cabinet secretary Sudi Silalahi also asserted that the president would immediately analyse and seek a resolution to the case and summon a number of related government officials. The officials were the Attorney General, the National Police Chief, the Chief of the Armed Forces, the director of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the Minister of Justice and Human Rights and the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs.

When asked if he had already received the TPF's conclusions and recommendations and about what follow up measures had been taken, Sutanto only smiled and declined to comment. Later, it will be [explained] later, he said as he left.

Separately, the head of the Attorney General's legal information centre, Soehandojo, said that Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto, a suspect in Munir's murder, would soon be sitting in the dock. Within two to three days the Prosecutor General will have prepared the charges against Priyanto which will be handed over the Central Jakarta State Court.

According to Soehandojo, Priyanto will be charged with violating Article 340 of the Criminal Code on premeditated murder and Article 263 on the falsification of documents. The dossier on the case meanwhile refers to 32 witnesses, which will give evidence in the case.

The Deputy Attorney General for the Attorney Generalís office of Public Crimes, Agung Prasetyo, has given an order though the deputy head of the Jakarta Prosecutors Office to prepare charges to be handed over to the Central Jakarta State Court. (IDR/inu)

[Translated by James Balowski.]
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