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Aceh Government Watch activist’s detention extended by 40 days

Kompas - February 16, 2005

Jakarta – On the grounds that the investigation is yet to be completed, the detention of Government Watch coordinator Farid Faqih by police on charges of being involved in the theft of aid for victims of the Acehnese disaster was extended by 40 days on Tuesday February 15. Under the extension, Faqih will retain the status of a prisoner until March 27.

The extension of Faqih’s detention at the Acehnese local police station was made based on a document issue by the Attorney General’s office which was signed by the deputy Attorney General T. Zakaria was also receive by Faqih yesterday.

Aside from the reason that the investigation is yet to be completed, there was no other explanation regarding the extension. This is different from the case concerning the alleged assault on Faqih by Captain CKM Syuib which was signed by the Iskandar Muda Regional Military Command (Kodam) military police. The investigation into this case has been completed and handed over to the 0101 Banda Aceh Military Judge Advocate.

A request by Faqih’s lawyer meanwhile to be given permission to be treated has yet to be granted by police. According to Faqih’s lawyer, as a result of the alleged beating by Syuib and a number of his colleges when he was arrested on January 26, Faqih’s eardrum has been ruptured. (ely)

[Translated by James Balowski.]
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