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Yogyakarta students reject Mega, Akbar, Wiranto and Tutut

Tempo Interactive - March 5, 2004

Syaiful Amin, Yogyakarta – On Friday March 5, at least 100 students from a number of schools of higher education held an action warning against the reemergence of the New Order [regime of former President Suharto].

The alliance of Greater Yogyakarta Student Executive Councils declared that [Golkar chairperson] Akbar Tanjung, [President] Megawati, [former armed forces chief] Wiranto and [Suharto’s eldest daughter] Siti “Tutut” Hardiyati Rukmana are representatives of the forces behind the future reemergence of the New Order. The students stated that if after the elections Indonesia is lead by these people, the future of the nation will become even more gloomy.

The alliance, which is made up of BEMs from the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), the University of Ahmad Dahlan, the Yogyakarta State University and the Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University, began the action at the UGM Boulevard. They then moved off to the Monument intersection then went on to the intersection in front of the Yogyakarta central post office where the action ended.

During the action, they also brought banners and posters with the writing “Beware of the danger of the New Order entering the state”, “Akbar-Mega-Tutut-Wiranto must not become president, the end of the world”, “Beware of the danger of Golkar’s yellow shorts”1 and “The New Order, exploiter of the people”.

During their speeches, a number BEM members warned the public not to be easily deceived by the promises of politician. They said that the indications of a future reemergence of the New Order are very visible. They said that the New Order, although it has already been brought down, is endeavoring to change its spots and is now starting to enter a number of areas [of political life in the form of new political parties].

“So far the Megawati leadership has provided fertile ground for the reemergence of the New Order. Ineffective law enforcement, the increasing spread of corruption, collusion and nepotism, these are the hallmarks of the New Order which are growing ever more fertile”, said action coordinator Deni.

The new political parties which have emerged he said, are in reality a variant of the New Order forces and must be carefully watched because at some point they could become a significant force. He said that the birth of the Functional Party of National Concern which has put forward Siti Hardiyati Rukmana as a presidential candidate and the release of Akbar Tanjung [on charges of corruption by the Supreme Court on February 12] is evidence which further strengthens the indications of the reemergence of the forces of Suharto’s cronies.


1. “Kolor Kuning Golkar”, “Golkar’s yellow shorts” is a play on words which is derived from a series of rapes and attacks on women which occurred in Jakarta in January 2004 which were allegedly carried out by a man or creature wearing green under-shorts. The term was also used in some political commentaries to refer to the reemergence of or political manipulations by the military.

[Translated by James Balowski.]

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