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East Timor

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May 7, 2021

UCA News - May 7, 2021

Ryan Dagur, Jakarta – Timor-Leste has ordered all its citizens to comply and be tested on demand for Covid-19 or be forced into quarantine if they refuse.

May 5, 2021

Sydney Morning Herald - May 5, 2021

Chris Barrett, Singapore – Health experts are urging the Morrison government to accelerate its delivery of doses to East Timor amid a deepening crisis there that has led China's vaccine

April 30, 2021

Radio New Zealand - April 30, 2021

A month after being hit with devastating floods, Timor-Leste is struggling to cope amid a Covid-19 outbreak.

April 28, 2021

New Mandala - April 28, 2021

Li-Li Chen – On 8th of April, in the aftermath of devastating floods, Timor-Leste's government declared that Timor-Leste entered the state of emergency for thirty days, when the governm

April 23, 2021

The Interpreter - April 23, 2021

Michael Leach – The recent floods in Timor-Leste have now caused 45 deaths and some 10,000 people to be displaced, including 7000 in the capital, with widespread damage to roads and bri

April 19, 2021

UCA News - April 19, 2021

Ryan Dagur, Jakarta – Salesian Archbishop Virgilio Do Carmo da Silva of Dili has called on the people of Timor-Leste to participate in the government's vaccine program and adhere to hea

The Diplomat - April 19, 2021

Guteriano Neves – On April 4, Tropical Cyclone Seroja hit Timor-Leste, devastating the island nation and resulting in the worst floods in 48 years.

April 16, 2021

The Diplomat - April 16, 2021

Chloe King – Over the Easter weekend, as the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines was expected to arrive in Timor-Leste's capital of Dili, Tropical Cyclone Seroja arrived instead.

April 15, 2021

Associated Press - April 15, 2021

Margie Mason, Robin McDowell and Raimundos Oki, Dili – It was the same every night. A list of names was posted on Reverend Richard Daschbach's bedroom door.

ABC News - April 15, 2021

Felicity James – Fernanda Borges remembers Australia assisting Timor-Leste when the tiny country was struggling with violence after its independence vote.

April 14, 2021

ABC News - April 14, 2021

Stephen Dziedzic – Labor is ramping up pressure on the federal government to send military helicopters to Timor-Leste, which is struggling to provide aid to remote communities devastate

UCA News - April 14, 2021

Ryan Dagur – Xanana Gusmao, Timor-Leste's independence hero and former prime minister and president, has been at the center of a protest demanding the release of the body of man who hea

Sydney Morning Herald - April 14, 2021

Michael Rose – Xanana Gusmao, famed icon of East Timor, is letting his people down.

April 12, 2021

SBS News - April 12, 2021

Australia has responded to a request for help from the government of Timor-Leste with a $7 million relief package to support 100,000 people affected by flooding.

Sydney Morning Herald - April 12, 2021

Chris Barrett, Singapore – Devastated by natural disaster and in the grip of a COVID-19 outbreak, there is a new controversy in East Timor.

April 10, 2021

Radio New Zealand - April 10, 2021

Christine Rovoi – Already facing the threat of a new coronavirus outbreak, the tiny nation of Timor-Leste has been hit by devastating flooding and landslides.

April 9, 2021

ABC News - April 9, 2021

Stephen Dziedzic and Anastacio Medeira Araujo in Dili – When the floods came, Markus dos Santos lost almost everything.

Sydney Morning Herald - April 9, 2021

Chris Barrett, Singapore – A state of calamity has been declared by East Timor, whose foreign minister has been asked to seek international assistance from Australia and others as it bi

April 7, 2021

UCA News - April 7, 2021

Ryan Dagur, Jakarta – Priests and nuns in Timor-Leste have joined efforts to provide much-needed assistance to flash flood victims forced to flee their homes in recent days following st

The Guardian - April 7, 2021

Raimundos Oki, Dili – In Tasitolu, a suburb in the west of the capital, Dili, Batista Elo balances his young daughter on his hip as he stands in flood waters that reach up his thighs.

April 6, 2021

UCA News - April 6, 2021

Ryan Dagur, Jakarta – Timor-Leste announced the death of a woman from Covid-19 on April 6, its first recorded virus death, as it tries to stem a growing infection rate.

ABC News - April 6, 2021

On Pacific Beat with Mala Darmadi – The death toll from floods and landslides in eastern Indonesia and neighbouring Timor Leste has reached almost 100.

ABC News - April 6, 2021

Stephen Dziedzic – Timor-Leste's government says it will ask Australia and other nations for help following catastrophic floods that have killed dozens and left thousands homeless.

April 5, 2021

ABC News - April 5, 2021

The Australian government says it "stands ready" to help Timor-Leste after devastating floods hit the country, forcing thousands to take refuge and leaving at least 27 people dead.

April 4, 2021

Asia Pacific Report - April 4, 2021

Antonio Sampaio, Dili – Hundreds of people, many of them students, mobbed exit routes out of the Timorese capital Dili on Good Friday seeking to leave the city to escape the difficultie